FLM Quick has Ceased Trading

In 2008, we realised that hundreds of thousands of people needed to be able to borrow small amounts of money in a very flexible way, but that their banks wouldn't lend to them. Their only alternative was unreasonably expensive payday lenders.

We designed FLM Quick to be cheaper, more flexible and available to more potential borrowers. As long as you could afford to make the repayments on the loan, we didn't exclude you as a customer based on a credit score. All you needed was a friend or family member to guarantee your loan. Over the years that we were lending, more than 60,000 loans were paid out.

FLM Quick stopped lending in 2013, as we created an even cheaper and more flexible loan company, which you may have heard of, called Amigo Loans. However, we continued to maintain existing customers' accounts, and offer customer support.

We were required to submit our application for full FCA authorisation before 1st July 2015, but we made a decision not to apply, as the number of customers who still held an active account was growing smaller, and we wanted to continue to focus on developing and improving Amigo Loans for all of our current and future customers.

As of 1st July 2015, any active account with FLM Quick has been closed, and any outstanding balance written off.

If you were one of those affected customers, this means that you no longer owe any future payments to FLM Quick, and are no longer able to access your online account.

If you need any further information about an account or payments that you have previously made, you can contact us by:

email: [email protected]
post: FLM Quick, Walton House, 56-58 Richmond Hill, Bournemouth, BH2 6EX

If you have a complaint, please click here ​to download a copy of our Complaints Procedure.